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Thalassophile Reflections: Castara, Tobago

by | Sep 13, 2020 | The Blog Shop, Travel

The ocean has always been, for me, a representation of life in general. Symbolic that nothing in life is always smooth sailing …

The highs ‘n lows, like the tides …the waves.

The rough days, the easy days …like undercurrents.

The way the waves kiss the shore then retreat …over ‘n over again.

Yet …one can always find beauty in instability …inconsistency …peace …bliss.

Thalassophile Reflections Day 1

Awoke to the sound of birds chirping – I hear them sing every morning at home, signifying the time, the weather, but here in Castara, it’s a different harmony, understandably so, because here in Castara, it’s a different life! My home for the next few days. I wish it could be for the rest of eternity.

Overcast weather gave me the opportunity to ‘soak’ in my surroundings: the view from my abode of the Castara Bay; the proverbial idyllic fishing village, reminiscent of old stories I have read by local authors.

Thalassophile Reflections Day 2

Decided to take a slow drive around the island, stopping arbitrarily at places – spots, that appealed to me. Some pristine and untouched areas of nature interspersed with modernisation. Unavoidable, perhaps. Each bay and village, with their own uniqueness, share the same sea. the Caribbean Sea, which is also a significant representation of the unity and individualism of our people, though increasingly being tested. From Castara to Englishman’s Bay, Parlatuvier to Bloody Bay, arriving in Charlotteville. The locals in Charlotteville are friendly and warm. A vivid reminder of the days of yore, where southerners in Trinidad displayed that same distinctive difference to the ‘tong’ (town) people.

Thalassophile Reflections Day 3

Another day of sombre weather, au contraire to my feelings of total joy and ecstasy being able to spend time alone, focus on self and centering, positivity and happiness! Lazy day …just me, my music, the surrounding beauty and my thoughts. THIS is a part of a predestined life! This side of the island is in direct contrast to the south-westerly area where it is busier and distracting. My preference to be more ‘quiet’ – significant of my growth, my experiences that have shaped and moulded me into who I am now and where I am still to grow! I’ve tapped into an intuition that probably always existed, but I’ve only recently started ‘listening’ to it. Growth is a constant, once we give it the acknowledgment and acceptance that is necessary for it to occur. It’s not always ‘pretty’, as we have to face our demons in order to be rid of them, and that in itself is a battle. This is where faith and belief are essential in helping attain overall wellbeing. THIS …is the other part of a predestined life!

Gaye Lynch is a thalassophile and a co-Blogger at The Blog Shop.

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