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Your Virtual Administrative Service Provider.

MVO is a dedicated, Virtual Service Provider to clients both local and international. It prides itself in the quality of work that is produced and for always going that extra mile with every job and for every client to attain its motto: Exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our Services

Professional Proofreading & Editing

By Certified Proof Reader and Editor Documents, letters, proposals, articles, financial reports, theses, dissertations, advertising copy etc. Spelling and grammar correction Management of language: British English or American Management of referencing style: Harvard System, Chicago etc.

Blog Writing - The Blog Shop

The Blog Shop has the knowledge, the technique and the know-how to write successful blogs custom made for you and your readers. We pride ourselves in our special skill set, which is to decipher each client’s personality and brand identity, so when we write for you, it is a perfect match with your brand. And that’s special!

Email Management

With our email management service, you can:

  • Connect with your existing customers
  • Build relationships with potential customers
  • Expand your reach by sharing to Facebook and Twitter
  • Bring visitors to your website

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

Through our strategic partners, MVO is able to offer integrated Marketing, Communications, Public Relations and Digital Media Management services. 
We will be your facilitator in reviewing and developing your Marketing, Sales and Business Development strategy, and provide full implementation support with visual layouts, content creation and curation, metrics and monitoring. as well as media monitoring.  

Event Registration and RSVP Management

  • Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Workshops
  • Registration and reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Contact number to be used for registration queries and information
  • Payment Collection and reporting

The Blog Shop

Why you Should Pay 90 to 100 US for a Blog

Why you Should Pay 90 to 100 US for a Blog

Why you should pay for a professional blogger. As a professional blogger, I am always asked, “How much does a blog cost?” If you do a search online you will see a wide range of blog-writing prices from 25 to 150 US. We all know that the cheapest is not always the...

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Thalassophile Reflections: Castara, Tobago

Thalassophile Reflections: Castara, Tobago

The ocean has always been, for me, a representation of life in general. Symbolic that nothing in life is always smooth sailing ... The highs ‘n lows, like the tides ...the waves. The rough days, the easy days undercurrents. The way the waves kiss the shore...

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