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Why you Should Pay 90 to 100 US for a Blog

by | Oct 15, 2020 | The Blog Shop

Why you should pay for a professional blogger.

As a professional blogger, I am always asked, “How much does a blog cost?”

If you do a search online you will see a wide range of blog-writing prices from 25 to 150 US.

We all know that the cheapest is not always the best, and businesses ought to be made aware of what time and effort goes into the creation of a blog.

The Blog Shop offers a mid-range price of $90 US that should suit all pockets.

So why should you pay $90 to $100 US for a blog?

Let us take a look at what actually takes place to create a blog from initial contact with client to the finished product.

The 9 Steps to Creating the Perfect Blog at The Blog Shop:

1. Conversation and Connection

Before the writing even starts, The Blog Shop blogger will spend some time talking with you to get a feel for you, your personality, your style, your passion and your brand.

2. Business Research

Some time is then spent online researching your company, your products and services, your industry, your target market and your competitors.

3. Topics, Titles, Keywords and SEO

This is where the fun starts for The Blog Shop! Exploring topics and titles and keywords that will define your blog content. The words and phrases that people use to search for specific topics on the web – Search Engine Optimisation. With the right titles and keywords in your blogs, the chances are it will rank high when people use these keywords in their online search, which means that they will click to read more and ultimately bring traffic and awareness to your offering. After all is said and done, this is what a blog is supposed to do: Boost traffic, brand awareness, conversions and revenue.

4. Organise Content | Outline Template

No, we have not started writing the blog yet. This is a list based on what you want covered in the blog. An outline of points you want to get across to your readers.

5. Writing the Blog

Finally, yes, we get to write! With all the research and data and topic and keywords and outline, we are finally able to let the creative juices flow.

6. Proofreading and Editing

We are not ready to submit your blog to you until it is looked over by a proofreader and editor, and The Blog Shop has its very own, in-house, certified, professional proofreader and editor.

7. Image Selection

All blogs need a photo. It is the only visual part of the blog that captures the reader, and the right image defines your message and attracts the traffic to your blog – your website.

And yes, The Blog Shop has a licensed-to-use library of stock photos. It is part of our job to carefully select the best-choice photo for your blog.

Are we finished yet?


8. Image Alt Text and Keywords

We define and add Alt text and keywords to your blog’s image for higher ranking – Search Engine Optimisation.

What do you Get?

9. The Finished Blog

The finished blog is delivered to you with everything you need to upload to your website. Blog, photo, keywords, meta tags, image Alt Text and description.

Blogs play an important role for your business by creating a flow of information that permits your business to be seen and heard. For a busy business it’s smart to outsource your blogging.

The Blog Shop has the knowledge, the technique and the know-how to write successful blogs custom-made for you and your readers. We pride ourselves in our special skill set, which is to decipher each client’s personality and brand identity, so when we write for you, it is a perfect match with your brand. And that’s special!

Elise Farrell is the Principal Blogger at The Blog Shop.

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