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Why Celebrating your Small Wins Helps you to Achieve your Goals

by | Nov 1, 2020 | The Blog Shop

They say that it is the little things that count, and this rings true when it comes to achieving success at any goal, whether a business goal or personal goal.

You set a goal, and it is in celebrating the little wins along the way that not only brings excitement and passion, but they bring a feeling of fulfilment, achievement and stick-at-it to attaining success.

To reach that finishing line, the journey is ever so important! ©Elise Farrell

Every goal should be considered a SMART Goal.

  • It should be Specific.
  • It should be Measurable.
  • It should be Attainable.
  • It should be Realistic.
  • It should be Time-bound.

Whatever goal you have in mind, there are always steps to take to attain it. These steps can also be broken down in smaller steps, and achieving these smaller steps is considered the small wins along the way, and they should be celebrated.

As Emily Dickinson said, “One step at a time is all it takes to get you there.”

Celebrate your small wins. Celebrate your steps. Celebrate yourself. Say the “Yes!” High-five someone! Smile from ear to ear! Say “Woohoo!” Clap! Just do whatever it takes to acknowledge the small wins along the way to make it clear that another step has been achieved.

And, most important, say “Thank you.” And mean it.

A goal is a journey of a thousand steps. Each and every step along the way counts.

Celebrating your small wins along the journey helps you to achieve your goal.

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